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Avoiding Day Two Regret: A Primer for Buyers of Business Phone Systems

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This is the first book in a three-part eBook series focused on Day Two Regret - when customers realize that they were probably better off with their older system. The series is focused on offering insights into how customers find themselves in this unenviable position and what signs buyers of business phone systems should look out for when researching solutions to ensure they avoid Day Two Regret. 

We hope you enjoy the preview of our first entry into this series, Avoiding Day Two Regret: A Primer for Buyers of Business Phone Systems, below. To read more, fill out the form on the right to download the eBook.

Page 1 Preview:

"Great things are happening in business communications - mobile apps and cloud computing are dramatically expanding our ability to collaborate around the cloud and around the world.

Yet companies that hire resellers to implement these features in their offices often find something unexpected happens a few days after their systems go live: They can't figure out how to transfer calls, put people on hold, or do other basic tasks they took for granted in their old systems.

This inevitably leads to what we like to call, Day Two Regret, a nagging suspicion that they were better off with their old phone system. This costly brand of buyer's remorse is bad for buyers and sellers alike, so it's well worth learning how to avoid it.

If you're buying a new business phone system, avoiding Day Two Regret is imperative. Read on and we'll tell you how."


Topics covered within this eBook:

  • The Road to Day Two Regret
  • What does Day Two Regret look like?
  • Day Two Regret in Action: The Missing Hold Button
  • What Causes Day Two Regret?
  • Avoiding Day Two Regret: 5 Things You Can Do

To download our infographic on Day Two Regret, click here.