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Economics of Cloud: Understanding Impacts on Network Infrastructure

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ESI-EoC-Infrastructure-ebookThis is the next installment of the ESI eBook series focused on The Economics of Cloud. The series offers insights for resellers that must adapt to the new enviroment of cloud-based solutions in order to effectively sell and support this new generation of technology.

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Page 1 Preview:

"Cloud-based phone systems represent a game-changing opportunity for resellers, but they also demand that resellers make changes in their approach.

It's no longer enough to install desk phones and run cable. Resellers today also have to account for the complexities of network hardware and software while trying to ensure that every call sounds as clear and sharp as its analog predecessor.

Customers hoping to exploit the convenience and low cost of cloud-based PBX are not the only beneficiaries of these systems. When you have mastered the fundamentals of network infrastructure, you can optimize your approach so that every time you install one of these systems, the process becomes a little more efficient. That's good for you and your customers alike.

More broadly, resellers who understand the fundamentals of network infrastructure have the best chance to maximize their opportunities in this new era."


Topics covered within this eBook:

  • The Situation in Which Resellers Find Themselves
  • Understanding the Customer's Data Network
  • Assessing Bandwidth Usage and Needs
  • Impacts of Calling Plans and Features
  • Ensuring Resiliency and Redundancy
  • Quality of Service Priorities and Adjustments
  • What Success Looks Like for Resellers