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The rise of the smartphone has created a shift in how employees communicate within the workplace, and many companies do not realize the impact it has on their business.

This eBook dives into the mobile workforce revolution and provides tips for end-users about how adopting the right mobile applications can have a positive impact on both employee happiness and the business' bottom-line.

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"With the right mobile application, employees can download the freedom they want while employers maintain the control they need.

The days of employees commuting from home to a cubicle in an office building are already a distant memory for millions of American workers. Thanks to the rise and adoption of mobile technologies, the boundaries between the workplace and the rest of the world are blurring, if not disappearing altogether.

For employees, this turn toward mobility is offering increased flexibility and improved work-life balance — an especially high priority for professionals from the millennial generation. In fact, it’s such a high priority that the Society of Human Resource Management’s 2013 annual survey revealed the number of companies
planning to offer telecommuting was expected to increase more than any other new benefit. The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, its annual deep dive into the trends and features of Americans’ personal and professional lives, estimated that telecommuting skyrocketed nearly 80 percent between 2005 and 2012."


Topics covered within this eBook:

  • Managing a growing mobile workforce.
  • Employee expectations for a mobile solution.
  • Employer expectations for a mobile solution.
  • Keeping employees connected and happy.